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Analog Rack   In a creative field that demands excellence and innovative thinking, Taproot Audio Design owner, Jeffrey Reed combines experience and intuitive talents to make him a reliable and multi-faceted audio engineer. He has established himself in the mid south and has amassed a discography that includes credits ranging from the rootsy sounds of The Creek Dippers and Blue Mountain, the Cajun stomp of C.J. Chenier, to the traditional southern gospel sound of the Mississippi Mass Choir. Reed initially gained experience as an engineer while working for Malaco and Parallax Records, both independent labels based in Jackson, MS. Until entering the independent market in early 1996 as a freelance producer/engineer, Reed worked at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tenn. since 1992, garnering numerous gold and platinum awards with such artists such as the U.K.’s Primal Scream , the pop-sensible Gin Blossoms and the country music world’s Aaron Tippin. He delved further in the music industry through his work in record marketing, promotions and retail sales and in 1998, briefly became co-owner of Black Dog Records (Blue Mountain, Marah, The Continental Drifters). Over 20 years of experience in audio recording and production have led to the formation of Taproot Audio Design located in Oxford, MS. Reed's success stems from his flexibility and responsiveness to the needs and wants of the client. Superb listening skills coupled with an innate love and feel for music make him a top choice of some of music's legendary professionals.


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